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DATA OPTICS is a specialized fiber optic equipment supplier.

By offering high quality products from verified producers and professional customer service focused on meeting the customer's expectations, DATA OPTICS quickly gained a leading position on the market.


The company was established in 1999 as a Polish branch of the international ARQ Communications  group of fiber optic distributors. Thanks to this group, we had substantive support and regular contact with the prime global manufacturers from the very beginning of company's activity.


As a result of group's transformation leading to independence by its individual entities, since 2006 DATA OPTICS owns a domestic capital in its entirety. Nevertheless, it still keeps in touch with global leaders in the fiber optic industry and follows the latest trends.


In 2001 the company obtained the ISO 9001 quality certificate. The quality system is maintained, constantly improved and adapted to the company's development. The procedure at every stage of contact with customer is organized, our suppliers and products are permamently verified. All this gives the customer the certainty that he will be properly served. 


We have a well-stocked warehouse with all the products needed for fiber optic cabling - starting from a wide range of fiber optic cables, to cabinets, distribution panels along with a full range of equipment, enclosures and spare lenght cable boxes and frames. There are also many tools and consumables available, as well as measuring devices and active devices. Thanks to this, most orders are accomplished from day to day. Even if a product is not available, owing to good contacts with producers, it can be quickly completed and delivered. Apart from that, through market knowledge and excellent bussines relations, we are able to provide items, which are not in our standard offer, at a competitive price and in relatively short time.


What is essential, we are experts in our field, which means that we not only sell fiber optic products, but also advise in the choice of accessories and solutions. We resolve doubts and verify whether ordered items are compatible.


An important supplement to our offer is our own fiber optic cables termination line. We are widely experienced and offer large possibilities in this area. Our production plant is equipped with the latest polishing machines, automation equipment and measuring devices. The finished product is delivered to the customer after thorough tests, when it receives a unique code and a quality certificate.
More than production of patchcords and pigtails we also specialize in the production of special and custom cables -  in additional sheaths, protected for the time of laying and ready to connection multi-fibre cables.


DATA OPTICS offers complete installation services as well. We specialize in designing, implementation and conducting tests of fiber optic structural and telecommunications networks and also in monitoring systems or industrial automation. Our rich in experience team, in combination with access to a wide choice of materials, causes the ability to remove various fiber network failures in a short time.

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